Loto OSC – Mobile Series

Your Oscilloscope even more compact with your Android phone!

您的示波器与您的 Android 手机更加紧凑

Supported Models 支持的型号

Features 产品特点

Software trigger and AC/DCImproved software trigger with wave stabilizer. AC/DC emulator (for oscilloscopes without this hardware support).
Full statisticsPeak-Peak, Max, Min, RMS and DC value. Frequency and duty cycle. Cursors for manual calculations
FFTReal-time processing with several windows. Peak detect and Peak-hold functions. Harmonic cursors.
Long time loggerup to 24H logging, record and export to .csv
Sinc Interpolatoravailable sinc interpolator with infinite sampling rate for the best signal view. Maximum visible frequency = Sampling rate / 4
Phosphor decay effectplot multiple signal traces on the screen
XY Plotcalculate and visualize difference among 2 signals, amplitude, frequency, phase and delay
Math functionsUse operations on single or both channels
DSP FiltersCan apply Filters on each channels (low pass, high pass)
Data exportdata available in .csv format, Matlab, and other standard formats
OSAndroid (list of tested devices), Windows Emulators (reported by users): PrimeOS, android-x86
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 4.4+, Google Play, USB OTG, 2GB RAM or more. Chromebook NOT SUPPORTED, Android 11 SUPPORTED!
Standard RequirementsAndroid 9+, 4GB RAM


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