Android 10+ 安卓10+

Read this part if have and Android 10+ device or you want to migrate your Loto data from an old phone to a new Android 10+ device.

如果有 Android 10+ 设备,或者您想将 Loto 数据从旧手机迁移到新的 Android 10+ 设备,请阅读此部分。

Introduction 介绍

In Android 10+ if you want Loto OSC to save and open waveforms, you should authorize the app to access a specific user folder. For performances reasons HScope will keep all data in its private folder and synchronize this data with the public user folder in order to avoid data loss and to allow the user to save or share this data.

在 Android 10+ 中,如果您希望 Loto OSC 保存和打开波形,您应该授权应用访问特定的用户文件夹。 出于性能原因,HScope 会将所有数据保存在其私有文件夹中,并将此数据与公共用户文件夹同步,以避免数据丢失并允许用户保存或共享此数据。

The data in the public user folder (ie. /Documents/Loto) should not be modified manually otherwise you need to delete the app data (in the Android settings) and do this procedure again to keep the data syncronized.

New Android 10+ Device 新的安卓10+设备

In Settings → System select the folder where you want to keep the Loto data (ie. make a folder under the Documents Folder).

After you select the Loto folder the app will save all the waveforms into this folder.


选择 Loto 文件夹后,应用程序会将所有波形保存到此文件夹中。

Migrate data to Android 10+ 数据迁移到安卓10+

1. Copy the data

Copy all Loto data on the new Android device. The source folder is /Downloads/Loto; the destination can be under the Documents or Downloads folder (ie. /Documents/Loto).

1. 复制数据

复制新 Android 设备上的所有乐透数据。 源文件夹为/Downloads/Loto; 目的地可以在 Documents 或 Downloads 文件夹下(即 /Documents/Loto)。

2. Configure the Documents Folder

In Settings → System select the folder where you copied the Loto data (public Documents Folder).

After you select the Loto folder the app will import all the waveforms.

2. 配置文件夹

设置 → 系统中选择您复制Loto数据的文件夹(公共文档文件夹)。


Warning: after you import the waveforms data, the data will the linked so if you delete a waveform in Loto OSC App, the waveform will be deleted also in the public Documents Folder.

警告:导入波形数据后,数据将被链接,因此如果您在 Loto OSC App 中删除波形,则公共文档文件夹中的波形也将被删除。